“The law is always open to interpretation and there is no such thing as a normatively neutral interpretation. The way one interprets the rules of law is always determined by one’s underlying moral and political beliefs.” - Professor John Hasnas

Pierre Elliot Trudeau turned Canada from a common-law-based constitutional democracy to a constitutionally mandated welfare state ruled by activist judges. His son is furthering the damage with woke “postnational” nonsense.

Pierre Poilievre will fix Canada's Justin Trudeau problem, but partisan politics can only go so far.

This Substack is about reversing the Trudeau Family damage. Rolling back the State and freeing markets. Empowering the individual, the family, and civil society.

I subscribe to a philosophy of Tory anarchism, which celebrates Western civilization and opposes all forms of leftism and neo-liberalism.

Tory culture is rooted in family, faith, fraternity, and free markets. And anarchism is anti-state, not chaos.

As Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.”

Well, it turns out: Caesar owns nothing.

If you enjoy Canadian history and politics and are sympathetic to conservative, libertarian, or classical liberal ideas, this is the Substack for you.

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Caleb McMillan

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